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Each week, we share an interesting or curious image from the BHS Archives on the
BHS Blog.

POTW StreetcarPhoto of the Week:

In light of Mayor Bill de Blasio's recent proposal for a streetcar service that would connect Queens and Brooklyn, the photo of the week depicts a horsecar near the Fulton Ferry neighborhood of Brooklyn around 1890. Brooklyn operated its first light rail line in 1854. Before there was an electric-powered streetcar, there were horsecars, which were horse-drawn cars pulled over embedded tracks. Pulling cars over rails was more efficient than horse-drawn carriages because the rails eliminated friction and allowed horses to pull more weight. However, the late 1880s brought automobiles and electric technology, which shifted light rail from horse-drawn and cable cars to electric streetcars. Learn more about streetcars in Brooklyn on the
BHS Blog...

Fulton Ferry in Horse Car Days, circa 1890, V1981.15.135; Ralph Irving Lloyd lantern slides, V1981.15; Brooklyn Historical Society.

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