Vertical Subject Files

The Vertical Subject Files collection consists of a multitude of printed matter, including pamphlets, newsclippings, journal articles, magazines, municipal publications, booklets, flyers, brochures, and one unsorted box of 1990s-2000s New York Times clippings related to Brooklyn subjects.

The files are arranged in three subject groups: Brooklyn, New York State, and Biographical.  The bulk of material is in the Brooklyn subject files, with a date range circa 1880s-1990s.  Each group has its own alphabetical index, allowing researchers to cross-reference related subjects and navigate degrees of creative association.  For example, the “Events” subject file includes materials related to holidays, but researchers looking for a folder on the annual Giglio Feast, a holiday, will find it in the “Neighborhoods—Williamsburg” file.

In addition, the index can benefit multiple keyword searching of terms related to one’s subject research. For example, if one is researching tourism, there is a vertical file on “Tourism, Guides and Guidebooks.” There is also a separate subject file for “Hotels,” which subject may be relevant to researching tourism, but is arranged and filed individually.

Sub-listings under each heading indicate sample file contents or individual subfolder headings, such as the names of individual churches under “Churches,” or specific universities under “Schools.”

Othmer Library thanks volunteer Michael Chui for processing this library collection.

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