Research Subject Guides

Welcome to the Home Page for Brooklyn Historical Society’s Subject Guides to research in Othmer Library!

What topics are covered by Subject Guides?

At present, we have Guides for the following subjects. We will add others over time.

What are Subject Guides?

A Subject Guide answers the question: What material does BHS have about . . . ? For example, many researchers ask: What material do you have about the Brooklyn Dodgers? So, we have a Subject Guide that summarizes the archival collections at BHS that relate to the Dodgers.

Do Subject Guides include all the resources available at BHS on a particular subject?

No. Researchers should be aware that the Subject Guides typically focus on text-based archival material.  BHS has many resources readily available to researchers in Othmer Library — such as books, photographs and maps — but these are not detailed in each Guide.  The Subject Guides will provide suggestions about these other resources, but will not specifically identify them as in the case of archival material.

How do Subject Guides relate to the collection descriptions posted on Emma?

Subject Guides and individual collection descriptions are both ways that researchers can find archival material.  If a Guide exists for your subject area, it is usually best to start with that as it will give you an overview of the relevant collections, including collections that do not have an individual entry on Emma.  For collections that have an entry on Emma, you can move from the Subject Guide to the entry to read the more detailed description of the collection.