Slavery Pamphlet Collection

Slavery Pamphlet Collection, late 18th century – late 19th century

Call Numbers: PAMP AASS-1 – PAMP Wolfe-1

Extent: 27 file boxes

The Brooklyn Historical Society has a collection of 18th and 19th century pamphlets relating to slavery. The collection comprises approximately 27 file boxes and contains over 1,000 unique items. The majority of these items are transcriptions of political speeches (usually made by United States congressmen), sermons, or reports of anti-slavery or colonization societies. The speeches primarily occurred in the period leading up to and including the United States Civil War, or between 1845 and 1865. The speeches often represent the speaker’s views on slavery, specifically in regards to issues of the day, e.g. causes of the Civil War or whether or not slavery should be expanded to new U.S. territories. The remainder of the collection is made up of various odds and ends, including broadsheets, a census report, novels, newspapers, scrapbooks, etc.

Please note that some items in the collection are extremely fragile and will not be available for patron use. In these cases, patrons can view the item on microfiche. This judgment will be made by staff.

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  • Southern States
  • Confederate States of America


  • African Americans — Colonization
  • African Americans — Suffrage
  • Freedmen — United States
  • Fugitive slaves — United States
  • Kansas — Politics and government — 1854-1861
  • Lecompton constitution
  • Nebraska —  Politics and government — 1854-1861
  • Secession — Southern States
  • Slavery — United States
  • Slavery — United States — Extension to the territories
  • Slaves — Emancipation — United States
  • Statehood (American politics)
  • United States — Fugitive slave law (1850)
  • United States — History — Civil War, 1861-1865
  • United States — History — Civil War, 1861-1865 — Causes
  • United States — History — Civil War, 1861-1865 — Foreign public opinion
  • United States — Kansas-Nebraska act
  • United States — Politics and Government

Type of material:

  • Addresses
  • Annual reports
  • Antislavery literature
  • Anti-abolition literature
  • Congressional addresses
  • Fast-day sermons
  • Legislative speeches
  • Letters
  • Sermons
  • Thanksgiving sermons

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